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What is Google Expedition?

Google Expeditions enables teachers to bring students on virtual trips to places like museums, underwater, and outer space. Expeditions are collections of linked virtual reality (VR) content and supporting materials that can be used alongside existing curriculum.

These trips are collections of virtual reality panoramas — 360° panoramas and 3D images — annotated with details, points of interest, and questions that make them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in schools.

With over 800 Expeditions currently available, the content touches on a wide range of subjects including historical landmarks, natural wonders, college campuses, careers and more.

We are the only Authorized Reseller of RedboxVR, an Official Google Expedition Kit Partner in Romania.

Built for the classroom and small group use (8 to 30 students and more), Google Expeditions allows a teacher acting as a “guide” to lead classroom-sized groups of “explorers” through collections of 360° and 3D images while pointing out interesting sights along the way.

VR Kits

Built for the classroom and small group use (8 to 30 students). See more

AR Kits

Built for small group (6 students), doesn't need an internet conection. See more

VR&AR Kits

Google Expeditions Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with the RedboxVR all-in-one kit. See more

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