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Idest Services is providing immersive and interactive learning programs by using Virtual & Augmented Reality.

Idest is the only Authorized Reseller of RedboxVR, a Google Expedition Kit Partner, in Romania.

Școala Altfel

Go with us on an unforgettable #VR Journey, in Școala Altfel!

For București:

“Astronomy Fun & Science” workshops (includes #VR, practical experiments, curiosities) and

“First steps in the art world” workshops (which include #VR, modeling, painting, curiosities)

Fun & Science Astronomy

Practical experiments, Curiosities, #VR
Knowledge | Creativity | Practice
The universe; Solar System, Stars, Lunar Robots;
History of astronomy; Astronomical instruments;
astronauts; Let’s make Mars a second home;
and much more about the Universe.

The first steps in the art world

Modeling, painting, curiosities
Knowledge Creativity Practice
The art of ancient Egypt; The art of ancient Greece; Masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance;
Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions; Developing creativity through drawing, painting and modeling.

The workshops in the Școala Altfel are held at lower costs than those currently practiced.

The price offer varies depending on criteria such as the city where the program takes place (distance), the number of participating children, the number of programs run in the School Otherwise).

REQUEST AN OFFER for School Otherwise:

You leave us your contact details and we will contact you soon to establish together the details of organizing a teaching class Altfel.


For București

  • One class:       50 Ron (minimum 25 students/class)

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